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A dedicated servant of the People for over 20 years, Gary is deeply passionate about creating positive change in the lives of all Ward 5 residents.  Now is our time to stand with Gary for an equitable Ward 5

Ward 5 DC Council 2022

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About Gary

"We must embrace a higher calling to lead our people through this pandemic that plagued our people and communities in

Ward 5."


- Gary Johnson, Ward 5 Candidate


Healthy Thriving

Gary’s first-hand experience and knowledge makes him a key supporter of urban youth development, desperately needed for  youth in our communities


We have to provide what students and parents need to succeed in the classroom and outside of the classroom


We will continue to work to improve health and welfare.


It is time to start governing with a plan for, efficiency, effectiveness and equality.


It’s time for a new economy that works for all Ward 5 residents.


We must stand for a commitment to ensure. absolute safety.


Countdown to Election 2022

We have more than enough time to get to know each other and the issues that are most important to the advancement and improvement of our community.  Election Day is June 21, 2022.  In the meantime, let us share our ideas and create plans for me to implement if I am elected as your
Ward 5 Council Representative.