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Bringing Power Back To The Community

I believe that Change Is Now, and this our moment to step onto this stage and be fully prepared to take action and create progress. Your concerns are heartfelt, your cries are loud. I ask you to fight with me, for our future and your children's future. Together we will bring the power back to the community.

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Your concerns matter to me.  Many communities suffer because residents aren't given the platform to voice their concerns.  I want to hear from you!  Tell me how I can be of service to Ward 5 and aid in the improvement of our community. There's no issue too small and I'm dedicated to making your issues heard.  

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We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to completely
re-examine our education system and look at what serves our students entire development — 

And we cannot forget just how much is at risk. Social and Emotional Development. We have to provide what students and parents need to succeed — inside and outside the classroom.


We will do that by:

  • Developing a full development child approach

  • Providing  learning options in the summer

  • Increasing job training in high schools

  • Providing post- secondary programs





We will continue to work to improve health and welfare by:

  • Reducing medication cost especially for seniors

  • Reducing taxes for seniors

  • Form a unified citywide approach to address mental illness

  • Improve preventative care and teach healthy habits

  • Re-evaluate substance abuse clinics and locations.

  • Promoting healthy eating habits

  • Re-evaluate our meal programs for seniors

  • Assists family and informal caregivers to provide in-home supports for our seniors

  • Create new deeply affordable housing for seniors with extremely low incomes.

“ We will help our seniors to remain in their homes by filing legislation to reduce taxes. Most of our seniors has been taxed out of their homes. Long term residents of 30 years or more should be able to keep their homes to pass on to love ones

- Gary Johnson, Ward 5 Candidate


Our Government


D.C. has tremendous resources — 

  • But it often misuses them on programs that do not deliver the expected result or spend them in ways that do not help the residents of Ward 5 who need them the most. Because of this black and brown communities suffer from it.

  • It is time to start governing with a plan for:

  • Efficiency

  • Effectiveness and

  • Equality

"I know because I lived it."

I was raised by single a  mother who struggled to make ends meet. I have committed my life to making the residents of Ward 5 lives better by providing resources, employment and services for those who need it the most. I will make Ward 5  more efficient, effective, and equal.

"I will make our City Government more efficient, effective and equal."



unnamed (1).jpg

It’s time for a new economy that works for all Ward 5 residents —

To become, stronger and better, we must maximize resources and use regulatory powers to fix structural economic and social issues.


It is time to build businesses by:

  • Attracting start-ups and new investment.

  • Lifting up working people.

  • Sustaining our small businesses.

  • Developing a next-level citywide job training and job placement program

  • Creating affordable housing opportunities

  • Reducing Taxes

We must maximize resources and use regulatory powers to fix structural economic and social issues. That means prioritizing spending on programs, services, and contractors that reduce inequality – and revisiting regulations that discourage growth, particularly in Black and Brown-owned small businesses.

We will use targeted tax breaks and other tactics to lift up working people, build out new green infrastructure and affordable housing, and create new employment opportunities. 

We must also rebuild our tourism and hospitality industries, create a much more robust job training and placement program, and create a more inclusive economy with growth opportunities for all.





Today our city faces a public safety crisis that threatens the lives of our youth and young adults and places the entire community at risk. We must push back against gun violence and reclaim our community as a healthy and thriving community-

We need to provide all the resources that government has to offer to result in resolution and solution-based initiatives that make our community safe —especially our children.

  • If we are for SAFETY – we NEED the entire COMMUNITY!!

  • We must stand for a commitment to ensuring. absolute safety.

  • Tracking crime, analyzing data, providing employment opportunities working collectively and proactively as a community is key.

  • Service at a community level builds greater trust.

  • Providing growth opportunities that promote upward mobility for our youth.